Dress for the Part: 25 Business Professional Outfits for Your Next Interview or Big Meeting

Preparing for an interview? Heading to a conference? As a professional — new or seasoned — you'll encounter various work and work-related situations that require different kinds of attire.

There are four types of business attire. Business formal usually calls for a suit or formal dress and is typically the dress code you'd find at a benefit or other important event. Meanwhile, business professional is the type of dress code you might find at a law or finance office, and it is a bit less formal. Many people opt to wear it to interviews, too. 


The best choice is a nice button-down or plain top that's not too revealing or low-cut. Your shoulders should be covered, and the top shouldn't be too form-fitting.

Jackets or blazers

Business professional attire calls for an upscale jacket or blazer, one that complements the blouse with which it is paired. If you're wearing a long-sleeved, button-down shirt, the sleeve should be just barely visible.


Instead of separates, you can wear a solid dress (minimal, tasteful patterns are fine, too) that hits no higher than your knee. Again, this shouldn't be too form-fitting, and you should always pair a dress that doesn't cover your shoulders with a formal jacket or blazer.


Pencil skirts and other neat, conservative skirts can work well with a blouse. Make sure to tuck in your top. As with dresses, your skirts should be no shorter than knee-length.


In today's business world, slacks certainly fit into a women's business professional wardrobe. Opt for tailored or well-fitting slacks. Creases provide an elegant touch but are not essential.