Why Owning Physical Gold and Silver Is a Must in Today’s Economy

For somewhere around 3000 years, gold has held its value against every fiat currency. While all those money systems have broken down and plummeted in value, gold has remained steady.

Silver has also done well and, like gold, is a store of value that you can trust to keep your wealth safe in times when the US Dollar isn’t doing well. How do you invest in gold and silver?

Investing in precious metal commodities is not enough. That gets you a nice little paper certificate saying you owned so many troy ounces of said precious metal. But that's not the same thing as physically owning the gold or silver.

Investing in the stock market, putting money in an IRA or 401K program, or taking out silver or gold certificates all come with a level of risk. Holding actual physical gold or silver ensures your investment belongs to you.

Physical Gold and Silver Guarantee Your Assets

No one can refute your ownership. In the case of silver, especially silver eagles, they are easily recognizable and can spend just like fiat money. Banks and most retailers will accept them as payment without needing to exchange them first.

This makes them especially attractive if you’re looking to start investing in silver or gold. Physical precious metals are a solid foundation to build your savings. They will always hold their value no matter what the US dollar does.

If the dollar tanked tomorrow, your gold and silver would still be holding their value and work excellently as a bartering tool and as ‘cash on hand.’ You can pay your mortgage, car loan, etc., with that gold and silver. Your debt will follow you, no matter what the dollar does.

So, if you want to ensure your money is worth something tangible, start investing in physical gold and silver.

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