15 Buy Now, Pay Later Catalogs & Sites

(Some Have Instant Approval)

It is absolutely possible to purchase your item now and pay later without going through a credit check. With certain companies, you will be able to purchase your item, have it shipped to you and even use it for weeks before having to make your first payment.

With all of the buy now pay later services on the market, it pays to know which ones are the best and which have those hidden fees you should watch. 

With no annual fees to worry about, you can confidently indulge your inner shopaholic without guilt. To sweeten the deal even further, their current promotion allows for incredibly low monthly payments of a mere $20.

Seventh Avenue

If you don’t mind shopping in an app, the Four app can be a great way to learn where to buy now and pay later. The app shows all of the stores that currently have relationships with the company and how you can structure purchases from their store. 


Sezzle and Four are very similar and tend to work quite well with Apple Pay. You can shop through the Sezzle app, or you can shop online at their partner websites. When you want to purchase with Sezzle, you must ensure that the website is a partner. 


Klarna is another type of ghost credit card. You can link it to your current card, and for each purchase you would like to pay for in four equal installments, you can do so. The Klarna service is simple to use and will work in any store.


Afterpay is a great smaller company that allows you to split your purchase cost into four equal payments. As long as each of your payments is submitted in the proper amount of time, you won’t have to worry about any interest fees.


Most people have a PayPal account to conveniently send money from one person to another. With PayPal, you can now use the service as a buy now pay later option as well. The PayPal program works by splitting your original purchase into four equal payments. 


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