Use These Scripts to Call Out Sick Professionally

You've woken up feeling like a truck hit you. You think to yourself, “Should I brave it or call in sick today?” 

Sound familiar? 

Here are some sample messages you can use to call in sick. Remember to adapt these to suit your condition and situation!

If You are Starting to Feel Sick the Night Before

Hi <Manager Name>, 

           I am feeling flu symptoms coming on, so I may have to stay home tomorrow. I will let you know if I feel better in the morning and can come into the office. I have let <backup prime> know as well. They will cover my meetings tomorrow. Nothing should come your way, but please don’t hesitate to text me if something does come up. 

Here's some more!

I appreciate it. 

          As discussed on the phone, I will let you know if I feel better in the morning and can come in. I have already prepared the presentation for the 1 pm meeting and sent it out. Please review with <name> and have <name 2> send out the notes/action items if I cannot make the meeting. 

Hi <backup prime> ,

If You Woke Up Sick

            I woke up with a terrible migraine and will need to stay home today to recover. I have shifted my meetings and made arrangements with ‘co-worker name’ to cover the urgent ones. Please text me if something unavoidable comes up and requires my attention. 

Hi <Manager Name>,