Can Pseudonymous Crypto Founders Be Trusted?

Anonymity has been the basis of the cryptocurrency sector from the beginning. Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym used by the mysterious individual who invented Bitcoin over a decade ago. 

The crypto community believes that Bitcoin will survive the test of time compared to other cryptocurrencies, particularly since the founder is unknown. 

Nakamoto’s pseudonym inspired other cryptocurrency engineers to use screen names. But are there risks with pseudonymous founders in crypto? 

There is a difference between anonymous and pseudonymous. An anonymous person can speak or operate without being identified because they use multiple identities every time. 

A pseudonymous person conducts business, but their actual identification and background are still hidden or unknown. 

For example, if I’m not required to log in, I can comment on a website article and remain anonymous. However, if I had to log in using my username, I would be pseudonymous. 


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