Can Superheroes Do Without Prisons? ‘Invincible’ Says…Sort of!

Most superheroes are in the business of foiling criminals and then putting them in jail. 

The first series arc is about how super-teen Mark Grayson discovers that his super-dad Omni-Man is not in fact the world’s greatest superhero and good guy.

Mark captures a mad scientist who kills people and then reanimates their corpses as supersoldiers. Instead of imprisoning him, the government recruits him to make an army for them in case the Viltrumites attack again.

The treatment of sexual violence in the comic is even more striking. A psychotic Viltrumite woman violently rapes Mark. He is, as you’d expect traumatized, and partially as a result does not tell anyone.

There are numerous other examples as well. Villains in Invincible rarely stay villains, and heroes often do villainous things.