Can’t Make It To Your Favorite Course? Play These Golf Video Games Instead

As far as games come, golf video games aren’t the most well know. That being said, there are actually plenty of them worth checking out. 

PGA Tour 2K21 PGA Tour 2k21 provides players with gameplay that simulates real golf. Every golf shot needs to be aimed and set up with precision. 

The Golf Club 2019

Developed by Canadian game developer HB Studios, The Golf Club 2019 is award-winning The Golf Club franchise’s newest addition. As a golf simulation game, The Golf Club 2019 offers players a realistic venture into the world of tournament golf.

Powerstar Golf

Designed by Zoë Mode and exclusive to the Xbox One game console, Powerstar Golf is a silly yet fun golf simulation game that almost has an RPG feel to it at times. 

It allows you to strap on your PSVR and step onto the golf course in a way you’ve never before experienced. 

Everybody’s Golf VR

Golf With Your Friend

Another mini-putt game, Golf With Your Friends is challenging, fun, and multiplayer! With 11 courses (18 holes each) and up to 12 players per round, you’ll find that there’s a lot to enjoy about this game.

Arguably one of the most addictive mobile golf games, Golf Clash lets you face off against real opponents in real-time. 

Golf Clash