4 Reasons To Skip Rideshare and Use Car Service at LAX

When it comes to major American airports, Los Angeles International (LAX) usually makes it onto “world's worst airports” listicles, and for a good reason.

With a cluster of terminals serving over 60 million passengers annually, there's little doubt that flying into or from America's second-largest city will be stressful.

If you are visiting Los Angeles from afar or plan to relocate there, you will inevitably deal with LAX. Here's why you should consider using a car service at LAX, even if Uber of Lyft might seem like the cheapest, easiest option at first. 

Because the Lax-it shuttle frequently doesn't show up at terminals when the shuttle tracker app says it should arrive, crowds swell at terminal curbsides. Then the Lax-it shuttles drive right past them despite carrying zero passengers.

Avoiding The Misery That Is The Lax-it Lot.

Numerous travelers push and shove like they're at a Black Friday sale to get a coveted place on that shuttle when it finally stops for them. Irate airport employees arbitrarily decide who has to wait for the next shuttle, which shows up if and when it pleases.

When it comes to airport rides, you'll usually know when and where you will deplane. Since you need to provide your airline and flight number when you book, the driver will likely know that your flight was delayed or you're flying into a different terminal.

Car Service at LAX Offers Personalized Attention

Additionally, because airport ride services focus on serving a variety of travelers, they can more easily accommodate the needs of families, disabled travelers, and other customers who frequently have issues with rideshare.

But do private car services cost more than rideshare when it comes to escaping the labyrinthine mess of shuttle buses that is LAX? Just like with rideshare, price points will vary in real time depending on passenger request volume.

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