How to Make a Career Change: A 6-Point Action Plan

Why do people make a career change? It could be to join a career field with high salaries. Others switch careers because their passions have changed. 

Work-life balance, work flexibility, boredom, pay, and personal philosophy all factor in when changing careers. 

Step 1: Why are you unhappy?

Understanding why you are unhappy in your existing career is the only way to ensure your next career doesn’t put you right back in the same place. 

Step 2: Look for jobs in your new career field

Proactively looking for job opportunities in the career field you’re pursuing is a great way to understand the skills and qualifications you will need to succeed. 

Step 3: Acquire the skills/education needed

Consider attending a local community college. Depending on the skill, you may also find self-paced online training programs for specific skills and software. 

Step 4: Explore your network for opportunities

Making a career change is the perfect opportunity to utilize your network of coworkers and professionals you’ve met in your career. 

Step 5: Freelance/volunteer to gain experience

If finding a job proves difficult, consider freelancing or volunteering your time with work related to your targeted industry. 

Step 6: Rebrand yourself

Keep your previous work history, but rewrite your bio and summary to accurately reflect your new industry and career interests. 

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