Seven Small Steps to Take Charge of Your Career Growth

I want to help even the most reluctant career-grower by offering seven small and easy steps you can take to grow your career. 

These won't require much time or effort, and they can have a good payoff. After all, even a 1% annual difference in increases through the years can add up to $1 million or more! 

Set Up an Expectations Meeting With Your Boss.

A simple fact of work-life is that if you want to be paid more, you need to deliver more. And the only way to achieve “more” is to know what your company and boss expect you to deliver in the first place. 

Do One Kind Act Per Day

Make an effort to do something kind for someone every day. Help out with a project, offer a compliment, give someone the better parking space, remember a birthday, stay late to cover for a co-worker with a sick child, and so forth. 

Connect to One New Person Each Day on LinkedIn

If a daily commitment is too much, you can set a weekly goal and batch efforts on various days. As long as you make seven new connections each week, you'll still be completing your goal. 

Work out Several Times a Week.

In addition to keeping you toned and at an appropriate weight (both of which make you more attractive), working out generally makes you happier, which can have significant benefits in your “being likable” efforts.