The 10 Worst States To Start a Career Post-Graduation

As the summer vacation comes to an end, some graduates are worried about where they may be able to find a job post-graduation. Many of these students are deciding where they’d like to start their careers.

According to a study from, a student resource website, West Virginia ranks as the worst state to start a career post-graduation.

BestColleges ranked all 50 states on the nine metrics – average rent price, cost of living, average entry-level salary, number of job openings, racial/ethnic diversity, percentage of young people between the ages of 25 and 34 years old, women’s equality, educational attainment, and level of fun (entertainment, recreation, and attractions).

While West Virginia ranked the worst, New York, California, and Illinois ranked the best places to start a career post-graduation.

Based on the findings, here are the ten worst states to start your career:

1. West Virginia 2. Maine 3. Montana 4. Vermont 5. New Hampshire 6. Alaska 7. Kentucky 8. Wyoming 9. South Dakota 10. Idaho

To complete this study, they used publicly available data about young adults entering the workforce.

Ranking the Results

They were ranked as follows: average rent price (15%), cost of living (15%), average entry-level salary (15%), number of job postings (15%), racial/ethnic diversity (10%), percentage of young people between the ages of 25 and 34 years old (10%), women’s equality (10%), educational attainment (5%), and level of fun (5%).

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