Seven Industries Set to Explode in the Next 10 Years

Working in an in-demand industry will help your career prospects in several ways. First, it helps ensure that you’ll have a good job in the future.

It also nearly guarantees a decent salary, especially if you hold a Master’s degree or have a lot of experience.

If you want to earn more money, these seven industries should be at the top of your list. If a career change is in your future to pursue one of these, here’s your 6-point action plan.

Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence industry is still hot, and all signs point to that continuing over the next decade. And you might be surprised at how common AI is today.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing delivers fast, reliable, and scalable computing services, such as data storage, web servers, networking, analytics, and artificial intelligence over the Internet.

Online Learning

Online learning depends on software developers to design software to host the learning content. It also requires instructors and content developers to build and vet the lessons while working remotely.

Data Science

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a data scientist is over $100,000. Seasoned data scientists earn substantially more, especially those with an advanced degree, like a Masters or Ph.D.


According to CNBC, the projected growth rate of nurse practitioners over the next decade is more than 50%, and their median pay is already well over $100,000 in many areas of the country.

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