15 Cartoon Shows That You Should Never Let Your Children Watch

That they are animated does not make them ideal for kids. Generally seen as decent and highly recommendable, some cartoons don't live up to this reputation.

Here are fifteen of them.

Family Guy

Family Guy is about several weird American youngsters who habitually use curse words and engage in drug pushing, violence, and stealing, making it suitable for adults though It is rated TV-14. 

The Boondocks

The film included a lot of racism, graphic violence, foul language, street gangsters, and other elements that might be deemed inappropriate for young viewers.


Mr. Pickles is the seemingly kind dog that wanders off to snuff life out of people and mutilate them. As the synopsis suggests, it is filled with terrifying acts of violence and gory scenes that are X-rated.

American Dad

An animated program that follows a family that engages in numerous unethical activities with both themselves and their neighbors that are deemed inappropriate for young viewers.

Big Mouth

The protagonist of the very lewd-graphic cartoon series was a young American teen boy who was severely addicted to watching X-films and engaging in self-pleasure.

The Ren & Stimpy Show

Another uncensored film that tells the adventure of a dog (Ren) and cat (Stimpy) with a high amount of violence, nudity, murder, and the use of profanity. Because it is rated 18, this movie is considered unsuitable for young children.

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