I Tried 6 Cash Back Apps – Here Are the 3 I’m Keeping

Fun Fact: 70 percent of Americans are shopping online in 2023. On average, those who hit the online purchase button will spend an average of $5,381 this year. 

However, only 35 percent of Americans use cash-back apps to save money online shopping. Free to sign up for, these apps promise real cash back with little to no effort. 

Taking one for the Wealth of Geeks team, I downloaded and test-drove six of the most popular cash-back apps, but I'm only keeping three. 

Retail Me Not

Simple and convenient, Retail Me Not is my kind of app. With its ability to be used online and on its app, it's a shopping portal that gives a percentage of cash back from your total purchase.

Additionally, Retail Me Not offers “Cash Back Day” each year, similar to Amazon Prime Days. You can earn up to 20 percent back during its specified time frame, depending on where you shop. Yep, I'm keeping this one.

I used to enjoy couponing, but these days I'd instead shop the sales, you know? Via online or its app, coupons.com allows you to clip paperless coupons or coupon codes and use them when you shop.


While you're technically not getting cash back, you are saving upfront instead of waiting to receive your money. Again, if I had more time on my hands, I might find this one enjoyable, but pass. 


Using a zip code to locate savings, you can find them where you live or when you're on the road for refueling and food. While I won't become a millionaire, I do plan on using this app frequently. 

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