5 Debit Cards That Pay You To Spend Money

Several cashback debit cards operate independently from major banks. Some cards are linked to popular stores, and there are even cards that plant trees for you.

In addition, benefits like early paydays and tax returns, overdraft protection, FDIC insurance, and emergency/roadside assistance make your options increasingly competitive.

Consider taking the sting out of your shopping habit or growing expenses with a debit card that pays you. Here are the top five cashback debit cards to investigate and make an informed decision.

This card offers 3% for purchases from the Walmart website, so it’s most advantageous for online shoppers. It offers overdraft protection up to $200, a 2% APY on savings over $1,000, and an advance on your payday of two days.


A touted advantage to the Serve American Express Debit Card is that cashback applies to your account as soon as a transaction settles. The 1% cashback applies to transactions anywhere, whether in-store or online, and there is no limit to how much cashback you can earn.


With no monthly fees ever and 2.2% cashback on any business-related purchases, Nearside helps self-starters become and stay profitable.


Axos’ card offers you up to 1% cashback on any signature-based purchases with a cap of $2,000 a month. You must hold at least $1,500 in your checking account to receive the full 1%, which will drop to .5% as soon as your average daily balance falls below that.

Axos Bank

Ando approaches banking with a sustainability mindset. While other banks have been known to fund fossil fuel companies, Ando redirects 100% of your finances to carbon-reducing initiatives.


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