Extraordinary Cave Experiences Across The World – From Luxe Spas To Viking Feasts

There are caves filled with crystal clear water, perfect for snorkeling, while others might have clues about ancient civilizations. Among the most surprising, though, some caves have been transformed into boutique hotels and even spas. 

Anyone looking for a truly uncommon vacation will delight in these unique cave experiences from across the world. 

Private Cenote Snorkeling at Viceroy Maya Riviera Maya

The hotel offers a private cenotes excursion, which understandably might prompt the question, “What's a cenote?” A cenote is a water-filled cave, and the Viceroy's private tour includes snorkeling and a simple-yet-memorable picnic lunch. 

Viking Feast in an Icelandic Cave at Hotel Rangá

Although still cloaked in mystery, experts are confident the caves were created by humans and used when the Vikings arrived in Iceland in 850 A.D. Visitors can get an up-close look at the wall carvings, altar, and relics. 

Adventure in Bonaire's 300+ Natural Caves 

Would-be adventurers can grab a room at Bamboo Bonaire. From there, they can shimmy, snorkel, and climb through Bonaire’s caves and the breathtaking stalactites and stalagmites, which are thousands of years old.  

This Napa Spa Is Hidden in a Cave Under The Vineyard

Guests can take their love of wine to a new level with wine-infused massages or lean into the cave vibe with the spa's Cave Man facial. 

How About a Turkish Cave Suite With Its Own Pool?

The boutique hotel is seamlessly enveloped in a volcanic landscape that once served as a monastery. Each of the 51 guest rooms is unique, making the most of each curve, craggle, and cave carving of the surrounding volcanic tuff.  

Search for The Hidden Sea Caves of The Na'Pali Coast

These caves are only accessible by small boats, but once there, guests are treated to incredible cliffs, waterfalls, and the rare opportunity to snorkel the second-longest sea cave in the United States. 

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