10 Celebrities Who Had the Fastest and Most Destructive Spirals

Over the years, various celebrities have taken hard falls from their pedestal status. Redditor u/True_Egg_5685 asked, “Which celebrity went on the fastest, hardest, and most destructive downwards spiral from their peak?”

Over 22,000 people responded, and here are the top ten answers.

JamesCDiamond posted, “As a wrestling fan, hearing other wrestlers comment on the event is heartbreaking. Chris Jericho was his best friend, and it's clear from his books that even years later, he was still broken up about what Benoit became and what he did.”

Chris Benoit – 14.9K

Kateshakes posted, “I mean, Oscar Pistorious was a pretty sharp fall from Paralympian champion/role model to spouse murderer.”

Oscar Pistorious – 18.4K

Resetmypass posted, “This has got to be the top. No other actor has fallen so much after they KILLED the president and became the most wanted man in the country.”

John Wilkes Booth – 19.9K

Ironoclast responded, “Brain damage can cause all manner of drastic personality changes. (She had a drug overdose and a brain aneurysm).”

Tila Tequila – 23K

LaMareeNoire joked, “Armie Hammer comes from a crazy, Succession-like family.” Another Redditor joked, “Armand Hammer sounds like Borat made up a name while looking in the fridge.”

Armie Hammer – 24.3K

Conradbirdiebird suggested, “I think of Chris Farley. His SNL career started in 1990, and his real break came with Tommy Boy in '94. Dead by '98 at 33 years old.”

Chris Farley – 25.3K

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