35 Celebrities Who Also Are Venture Capitalists

Many celebrities don't properly plan for their future and ride their money as long as they can. 

However, these celebrities are changing the game by having a growth mindset about wealth. They understand the difference between making money and building wealth. 

Jessica Alba

Alba founded The Honest Company, which sells various baby, personal, household products. She has also invested in the company Headspace, which helps people deal with stress and teach them how to meditate. 

Carmelo Anthony

When not isolating his opponents, he founded m7 Tech Partners, which invests in early-stage digital media, consumer internet, and technology opportunities. 

Tyra Banks

Through her company, Fierce Capital, this runway model invests in The Muse, a career advice website geared toward helping millennials model their future. 

Charles Barkley

He’s a part of a venture capital fund called Alabama Future Fund that invests in Alabama entrepreneurs’ dreams. Barkley also was a guest on the TV show Shark Tank and invested in a few companies, such as SubSafe and Cave Shake.