25 Celebrities With Surprising College Degrees

Skills, talent, and the art of portrayal primarily rule a celebrity’s world. A college degree is the last thing to add credit to their resume.

Still, several superstars defy the fact and put education over their careers. Others changed their mind about their profession after graduating with a prestigious degree.

Hollywood is rich in talented, beautiful, and intelligent celebrities. Let’s find out about 25 superstars that are top-tier in their art and have surprisingly impressive college degrees.

Gerard Butler

The incredibly handsome and charming Scottish actor is actually an attorney at law. He earned a degree in law from the University of Glasgow but moved to London at 25.

The famed comedy star is a law graduate from the University of New South Wales, which according to her, is an Australian equivalent of Harvard. Impressive!

Rebel Wilson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The most electrifying man in sports entertainment has an impressive academic record. The megastar has not one but two degrees in criminology and physiology from the University of Miami.

In a turn of dramatic events, the eldest Kardashian sibling earned a degree in theatre in 2002. Kourtney is the only Kardashian with a degree at the moment, while Kim is out pursuing her law career through an apprenticeship.

Kourtney Kardashian

After entering the limelight as a globally recognized bodybuilder, Arnold put education first by graduating from theUniversity of Wisconsin-Superior in International business and economics.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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