19 Healthy Cheap Meal Ideas

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to have a good and healthy meal. There are several cheap meal ideas you can make at home and get filled up while also ensuring to include essential nutrients.

Food is one of the budget categories that take up many allowances. It is an essential expense, but it is easy to overspend on feeding without proper planning.

It is important to note that cheap meals do not necessarily mean unhealthy food but imply affordable and healthy meals.

Pancakes are usually the go-to most mornings. You can have breakfast ready for the whole family with just flour, eggs, sugar, milk (or water), butter, and maybe one or two fruits.


Whether it's the leftover casserole dinner or freshly made from scratch, a casserole is pretty much cheap and healthy. You can customize it by adding potatoes, cheese, ham, and veggies.


Egg salads, pasta salads, or vegetable salads are cheap meal ideas you can prepare in record time.


Burritos are pretty affordable to prepare, and you can eat them for lunch or dinner. Don't forget your beans, ground beef, and veggies.


You can make this meal easily with leftover veggies and chicken in your fridge. Boil some rice alongside, and you have a perfectly balanced dinner.

Chicken stir-fry.

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