Cheap Retirement Countries: 

10 Countries Where You Can Retire With $2,000 per Month

Are you looking forward to retirement? Do you imagine peaceful days spent socializing with family and friends, pursuing hobbies, and catching up on things you put off during a long career with limited time off? 

While we all long for those days, you may look at your bank account and bills and wonder if they’ll ever come. If retiring in the U.S. feels unattainable, there are options for moving abroad that may be within your budget.

Portugal is a retiree’s dream. The country ranks in the top 25% on the healthcare and safety index and 7th on the global peace index. Although some opt to retain private health insurance, expats can access the national healthcare system after only three months. 


Caja public healthcare is affordable and easy to apply for. City-dwelling expats choose neighborhoods in the capital of San José, like Escazu, Santa Ana, and Los Yoses. Beachgoers love the central Pacific coast and the Guanacaste region. 

Costa Rica

Retirees get sizable discounts for products and services across the country, including medicine, movies, train fares, and utilities.


In addition to the wide variety of beaches and sunny weather, retirees love Mexico for its food, history, and culture. In 2023, you’ll need a monthly income of about $3,111 to qualify for a residency visa, or you can show $51,860 in savings instead.


Expats with sophisticated tastes are drawn to modern Prague and picturesque towns like Cesky Krumlov in Bohemia. It’s ranked in the top 10% of countries for safety and healthcare, which both appeal to retirees. 

Czech Republic

Immigrants can use French public healthcare after only three months, and the country’s medical care is ranked in the top 25% of countries. France is also ranked highly for end-of-life care. 


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