Unlock the Secret to the Most Luxurious Cheese Sauce You’ve Ever Tasted

Cheese is the ultimate food. The delicacy pairs well with everything and comes in several forms, flavors, and shapes. Plus, cheese makes a fantastic pasta sauce. Ever heard of mac n’ cheese?

However, mastering the consistency of a delectable, creamy cheese sauce can prove a challenge worthy of a spot on MasterChef.

One would-be chef asked for assistance in concocting the perfect cheese sauce for their mac n’ cheese, and thanks to all the foodies and chefs lingering in the social media sphere, we’ve compiled the best advice to conquer your cheddar.

The cheese gurus on social media suggested using mild cheddar instead of aged cheddar, as it melts better. Use blocks of cheese rather than shredded cheese because shredded cheese thickens the sauce too much, thanks to the added cellulose.

Pay Attention to The Kind of Cheese Used

“Thicken your sauce to the consistency you want,” advised another. “Turn off the heat. Add all your cheese and whisk it until fully incorporated. Never add cheese to thin liquid or liquid that isn’t thickened yet.”

Use a Whisk

They added, “Roux is made/incorporated with hot liquid separately then added to your hot sauce liquid. Starch (cornstarch, arrowroot, tapioca) is cold and added to the sauce using cold water. If you are adding Room temp milk to the roux, it doesn’t emulsify.”

“As a rule of thumb, as you're adding the cheese, either back the hob down to its lowest temperature and allow the saucepan to adjust its temperature and cool down a bit before adding your cheese,"

Watch The Heat

"or, seeing as the sauce will still be well and truly hot enough to melt any cheese you put into it, turn the heat off entirely and add your cheese in a number of small batches."

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