10 Childhood Dreams That Turned Into Adult Nightmares

Recently, in an online forum, someone asked, “What was freaking awesome when you were a kid but sucks as an adult?” The internet erupted to deliver this list of childhood things that are no longer amazing.

Canidieyet_ shared. “I remember when I was 16 with my first job, and my bank account hit $1000 for the first time. I was excited because I felt like I had hit the jackpot.”

Having $100 in Your Bank Account

Finally, shadycoy0303 confessed, “I still get that feeling for a split second on paydays, like holy cow! I got paper!…. And then I start paying bills, and it's like watching someone come and eat my sundae in front of me to the point where I only have a tiny bit of melted cream left for myself.”

User 4ninawells added, “Oh yes! Can you imagine running around showing your family: ‘Look! I lost a tooth! Doesn't it make me look adorable?' And when you are a kid, a lost tooth makes you money. But, as an adult, it costs you way more than all the money the tooth fairy gave you.”

Losing a Tooth

Perseus answered, “Waking up in another place than where you fell asleep,” and received 38k votes of agreeance.

Waking up in a Different Place

Nurtunb shared, “Not to get sappy, but I used to love when my dad would carry me into my bed after falling asleep in the car or on the couch. I would wake up when he was carrying but pretend to be asleep. It was such a nice feeling.”

Slowmechanic180 got 27k votes with their response, “Getting mail. I remember every day begging my parents if I got mail. (I had pen pals). I got so excited when something came for me. Now I dread going to the mailbox because all that will be there are bills.”

Receiving Mail

Redditor lamacake received 20k votes nominating, “Spinning in circles. I try to do that now while holding my little one, and I do about two spins before I'm lightheaded and dizzy as a drunk.”

Spinning in Circles

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