Clean House, Happy Home – 

How Often Should You Clean?

Forget sparking joy. A recent survey by OnePoll found that 71% of adult Americans are spending more time cleaning than ever before. Two years of isolation, with viruses lurking around every corner has driven people to spend an average of 458 hours house cleaning every year.

But it's not just pandemic fears. A clean house feels like a home. It can be a healthy space where you can kick back and relax while doing your favorite things or spending time with the family.

There is a rhythm to vacuuming, carpet cleaning, and everything else. Creating a cleaning schedule and cleaning regularly will make your home more welcoming and healthy. Here's what to do.

Clean dirty dishes and countertops daily. Don't let dishes pile up in the kitchen sink. Instead, every day wipe down your kitchen counters and other surfaces. If there is food spillage, on countertops or in the fridge, clean it up when it happens.

The Kitchen

Wipe down your refrigerator from top to bottom. As part of your weekly cleaning, address the inside of your fridge. Throw away expired food. Spray the shelves to kill any bacteria. Then wipe the inside clean with hot water.

Toilets get gross too. It's not just the human waste that makes a toilet look bad. Hard water stains the toilet and makes it harder to keep clean. Even toilets in bathrooms you don't often use quickly appear dirty, thanks to the mineral build-up. Try to clean frequently used toilets at least once a week.

The Bathroom

Bath towels are a breeding ground for bacteria. It's easy to put off washing bath towels and hand towels, but try to clean them a couple of times a week. A bath mat and tub can also attract bacteria. Clean your tub, shower, and bath mats regularly.

Dusting surfaces, vacuuming carpets, and washing windows are necessary to maintain a clean living room. It is also recommended to declutter the space regularly to prevent build-up.

The Living Room

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