Dang That’s Clever Writing

15 TV Series that Made You Think –

Redditor u/the_good_brat asked for “Series that made you say, “Dang, that's some clever writing? Like the title says, I enjoy series with clever writing – screenplay, twists, characters, etc. I'm open to any genre.”

Redditors responded and nominated these shows as having some of the best writing.

The Wire is a crime drama set and produced in Baltimore, Maryland. It centers on the war on drugs and urban decay in America. It's viewed through the eyes of police officers, gang members, politicians, drug addicts, media, and everyday citizens and is widely acknowledged as brilliant.

The Wire

Arrested Development won an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series and a Writers Guild of America Award for Episodic Comedy, for the episode “Pier Pressure, in 2004.

Arrested Development

Redditor iangeredcharlesvane2, “Yes, it's a pirate show, but the best-written show I've ever seen. It's a social commentary on the endless and age-old resistance to ‘The Man,' a fight between those who don't fit in and those who want freedom.”

Black Sail

The show examines racism, whiteness, and modern African-American culture through Afro-Surrealism. Atlanta has won two Writers Guild of America Awards for New Series and Comedy Series.


Dark is German sci-fi thriller series following characters from the fictional village of Winden, Germany. A child disappears and follows the connections of four estranged families while uncovering a time travel conspiracy. 


Scrubs is a medical comedy-drama that follows a young trio of interns who grow into doctors alongside nurses, residents, and surgeons in a teaching hospital in California. The main protagonist narrates his life internally and has comical daydreams. 


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