Cobra Kai’s Peyton List Tops This Years Instagram Rich List

Move over Kylie Jenner, there’s a new Instagram girl in town, and her name is Peyton List!

She is best known for her role as Tory Nichols on the hit Netflix series Cobra Kai, where she plays a rebellious youngster who is always ready to fight anyone who angers her.

Scrolling through her feed, you can see why brands are clamoring to work with her – she’s gorgeous, stylish, and her photos always get lots of likes. List tops this season’s Instagram Rich List, earning $65K per sponsored post, but who else makes the list?

The research revealed that Peyton List is the most influential Cobra Kai cast member, earning up to $65,499 per sponsored Instagram post. 

Instagram Influencer Earnings

Joining the cast in season two, Peyton, who plays Tory Nichols on the show, has the highest number of Instagram followers of the cast, a whopping 20 million, and an engagement rate of 2%, placing her firmly in the top spot. 

Tanner Buchanan is revealed as the second most influential star on the show, who plays the character Robby Keene.

Highest Engagement Rate

The He’s All That actor has the second-highest Instagram following of the cast with 3.9 million, in addition to the highest Instagram engagement rate, 23%.

Tanner can expect to earn a potential of $12,920 per sponsored post, equating to just one-fifth the amount that Peyton List can earn.

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