Common Laundry Mistakes You Should Never Make

Here is an expert's take on keeping your laundry fresh and clean all year! Get your laundry piles under control with these great tips!

The more you sort your clothes, the fresher they will be. Separate heavily soiled or muddy items from lightly soiled items and heavy or abrasive fabrics such as denim from the most delicate.

Don't just sort by light and dark

For a better distribution of the detergent, put clothes in the washer first, add water, and, lastly, the soap. If you use hydrogen peroxide, add water first, then your clothes and soap.

Don't put detergent directly on your clothes

Don't overuse the dryer

The dryer damages garments with elastane (elastic) in its composition, losing its shape, and the garment can become thin – this is because the heat from the dyer bursts the elastane threads.

Are you tired of losing a sock every time you wash your clothes? Instead, try putting your socks in the washing machine first, then add everything else.

Don't mix socks with clothes

Don't leave the zippers open

Open zippers can snag delicate clothing and scratch front-loading washer doors. Make sure they are up before starting the wash cycle. Unbuttoned fasteners can also pull fabrics or damage the drum if they come loose.

Yes, the zippers should be closed, but the buttons should not be. Washing a button-down shirt with fastened buttons can damage the buttons and tear the buttonholes.

Don't leave dress shirts buttoned

Don't forget a quick anti-stain test

First, subtly dampen a part of the garment, then dry it with a white cloth to see if the dye stains. If so, wash the item only until the color stops fading. You can also include an old white sock in the wash to check.

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