12 Commonly Hated Foods People Swear You Should Give Another Try

Some foods, like pizza and burgers, are top-rated and a can’t-miss for most folks. Then some foods are collectively hated to the point where people refuse to try them. 

Recently, someone in an online thread asked, “What’s the worst food you like that everybody hates?” Here’s what the other members of the forum had to say. 


Fresh anchovies are mild tasting; the curing process gives them their super salty taste that turns many people off. If you have the opportunity to eat pre-cured anchovy, give it a try. 

Candy Corn

The little orange, white, and yellow triangles are pure sugary goodness that pleases a lot of contributors to the discussion. 

Pineapple on Pizza

Whether it’s included with a ham or bacon topping, made with a barbeque sauce, or adorns the pie all by itself, few things in life are as good as pineapple on a pizza, say numerous commenters. 

Black Licorice

Somebody on the thread loves black licorice so much that they happily take it off their kids’ hands when they receive it from trick or treating on Halloween. 

Blue Cheese

The blue strands in the cheese curds are an edible form of mold. It may not be as popular as ranch flavor, but it has its share of online fans. 

Raisin Bran

It certainly isn’t the most popular of cereals when compared to other favorites, but it’s still a mighty tasty cereal. 

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