Ten Companies People Wish Would Go Bankrupt in 2023

Everyone's run across a company or two they wish would go out of business. Whether they were terrible at customer service or just practiced bad business, these companies are in the top ten; commenters on Reddit wish would go bankrupt.


The concert ticket giant came under heavy fire in 2022 for its role in a botched set of Taylor Swift tour dates that were in such high demand that Ticketmaster canceled the public sale of tickets for those dates.


Although the Federal Trade Commission decided, in 1979, they were legal because they do sell products and offer incentives for recruitment, that doesn't make them a good company.


The fact that they've done next to nothing about their waste production, even killing 3 metric tons of fish in France in 2020, is just one reason this company is labeled as the ‘most hated company' in the world.

Pacific Gas and Electric

Besides being involved in the Hinkley case that made Erin Brokovich a household name, they have terrible reviews for everything from skyrocketing prices to non-existent customer service.


"Imagine creating an algorithm that makes you insanely rich, but also allows fascists to brainwash 70% of the boomers in the US. And also allows autocrats to enact genocide more efficiently. But is not sure they want to curtail their profits even if means saving democracy.”


@ElderFields1138 said this about the company. “For sure. I used to do customer service for them and it made me never want their product.”


This company has been troubled by bad customer service, reports of poor quality clothing, refund and return troubles, delivery delays, and unethical advertising. Their 1-star reviews make up 35% of their total respondents and people don't seem pleased overall.

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