Cities Paying Workers to Move There in 2022

With more and more people seeing the “new normal” as an opportunity to work from new and different locations, some communities are looking to attract the best talent.

Along with expanding business opportunities, many cities and towns across America are offering cash and other incentives to remote workers to move into their neighborhoods.

Where To Find Them

Finding these lucrative locales has gotten easier with the creation of MakeMyMove, the brainchild of the former team of Angie’s List, according to Christie Luther Hurst, VP of Marketing and PR for MakeMyMove.

Indiana, the former home state of the team, was facing a workforce shortage, so they worked to identify and target talent to Indiana companies.

Getting Started

Starting on MakeMyMove's website, offers and communities are found quickly with the easy to use tabs at the top of the page.

Each offer describes the city, demographic information, the closest airport, a fun fact, median home price on one side, and the incentive offer and eligibility requirements on the other side.

Sample Offers

Offers vary by community location—the incentives include money toward moving expenses, homeownership, free or discounted co-working space memberships, professional development, tax credits, gym memberships, and more.

Communities also feature their specific eligibility requirements. For example, some require users to have independent remote income or self-employment outside of the community (with certain income levels), while others require getting a job in the new location.

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