What Separates The Confident Ones From The Rest At The Office

We know boundaries are important.

In fact, they’re pivotal to separating your personal and professional lives. But sometimes, they’re difficult to enforce. 

This is the predicament one Fairygodboss'er found themself in with their manager. 

Other community members were quick to offer advice for making sure they’re able to get out the door. Here’s what they had to say. 

Have a wind-down routine.

“I told [my manager] that since the last 30 minutes I usually wind down, any info or topics she discussed with me, I might forget since my mindset is preparing to leave and to have the conversation the next day. My boss stopped asking me questions during the last 30 min and left me alone.” 

Be firm.

“Send a note — do NOT apologize or make family-oriented excuses: Dear Boss — I understand that you feel a daily catch-up is needed. I am sending you an invitation for a 1/2 hour daily meeting so that we can do just that. The timing is such that any follow-ups/action items can be at least started before the end of my workday at 4 pm.”