Costly Typos: Crypto Technology is Harshly Unforgiving of Human Error

Currently worth over $3 trillion, the crypto market stores an incredible amount of valuable assets in its signature blockchain technology. 

Acting as a giant transparent spreadsheet that’s secured and verified by users across the world, this blockchain technology has great power. 

Yet with that power comes great… possibility for human error. 

Accidental Crypto Sales on the Rise

More and more stories of accidental sales as a result of mistaken “fat finger slips” have emerged with the rise in crypto popularity. 

For example, in January, a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT sold for just one-hundredth of the price because the seller put a decimal in the wrong place. 

There’s the story of someone listing their CryptoPunk NFT for $19,000 instead of $19-million. Or someone selling another NFT for 99 wei instead of Ethereum, which resulted in a $200,000 loss. 


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