The Most Controversial Conspiracy Theories That Some People Swear Are True

Ever heard something about a popular thing or person and rolled your eyes so hard they could have fallen out of their sockets? Or maybe, you've heard one that made you go, “Yes! Why don't more people choose to believe this?”

Everyone has one of those hills they are willing to die on, and these Redditors feel strongly about their theories, as well as why they believe in them. Take a dive in.

u/peezle69 wrote, “100% believed Joe Jackson drugged Michael Jackson with puberty blockers to prolong his career.”  “‘Joe Jackson absolutely was the type of person to do that. I've said it before and I'll say it again, JJ was a s***bag and I'm not even a little bit sorry he's dead.”

Joe Jackson Exploiting Michael Jackson

u/typeA_sushi said, “A more plausible one (but still rather silly) is lip balm ingredients like phenol, menthol and salicylic acid actually making your lips drier, thus encouraging you to use more lip balm.”

Lip Balm Makes Your Lip Drier

“I love the idea of Disney making Frozen so that when people search “Disney Frozen” they’ll see the movie instead of the theory Walt Disney's head was frozen and hidden somewhere in Disney land,” a Redditor wrote.

Frozen is a Cover Up for Disney's Secret

Another replied: “There has to be. My husband I saw one in the Shawnee forest near Pomona Winery (Illinois). We would bring it up to locals and too many people had photos and game camera footage for there not to be at least a small number of them.”

Cougars Are Not Extinct…Are They?

“They knew Ugly Sonic version one was going to get meme’d to h*ll by the internet. It was free marketing and hype,” a Redditor said.

Ugly Sonic Was a Marketing Move

“I'm like 99% sure women's “clinical” super expensive deodorant is the same as men's regular deodorant. I've been using men's unscented deodorant for years and have had great results. I know the truth!”

Men's Deodorant Trumps Women's Deodorant

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