The 15 Horror Franchises With the Most Creative Kills

In this piece, we'll be taking you through some horror franchises – by which we mean movies with multiple installments in their series – that are more creative with their death scenes. We'll also be providing some examples from each of them.

Final Destination (2000-2011)

The very concept of the Final Destination franchise allows for its deaths to be overly elaborate. The movies revolve around a small group of people who use foreboding visions to avoid impending death.

The very first on-screen death in the franchise was a prime example. An unusual chain reaction involving dripping water caused Tod Waggner to slip and hang himself in his shower.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984-2011)

It's about Freddy Krueger – a child abuser who, after his suspicious death, came back to haunt the youngsters of Elm Street in the dream world. There, he has the power to do almost anything he wishes.

A great example of Freddy using that power came in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors when he killed Phillip Anderson. Using Phillip's veins as strings, Freddy manipulated him like a puppet into stepping off a high ledge.

Saw (2004-2021)

One such example came in the first movie when Paul Leahy – a man who had recently attempted to kill himself – was abducted and sedated by Kramer. He awakened in a maze of razor wire and had to escape from it.

However, his attempts led to the wire slicing through his body like a hot knife through butter, and he ultimately succumbed to blood loss.

Hellraiser (1987-2022)

The most iconic death in the franchise is a perfect example. In the first movie, having already died once and been resurrected, Frank Cotton encountered the Cenobites. The demons hooked dozens of chains to his body, then used them to rip him apart.

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