The Latest Credit Card Rewards Help You Beat Inflation

A new wave of credit card incentives may offer spending assistance, returning a portion of your purchase to you in the form of cashback, travel points, stocks, or cryptocurrency. 

New companies like M1 with the Owner’s Rewards Card that gives you extra cashback in the form of stock at select companies and BlockFi with its Bitcoin-rewards Visa are on the market. 

Cashback credit cards offer cashback on your everyday spending. The rate varies by type of spending (ie. grocery stores, gas, shopping store, restaurants, etc.). 

Some cashback programs are based on a flat cashback rate, while others have tiered categories, where certain purchases earn a larger cashback rate. 

Most credit card companies offer amazing sign-up bonuses to their holders. As a result, it entices new users to join their program and sometimes spend more than they were planning. 

Travel Rewards

These rewards give free stays in your favorite hotel, room upgrades, dining credit, complimentary services like massages, flight upgrades, baggage insurance, and more. 


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