15 Films People Believe Will See a Critical Reappraisal in The Future

Years, or even decades, after a film release, it often sees critical reappraisals. Movies that were immediately dismissed become acclaimed, and vice versa.

A recent online discussion examines which recent(ish) movies people think will receive a reappraisal in the future.

Iron Man And Other MCU Films

One film fan says that they think the franchise’s quality will decline so significantly that early films in the MCU, like Iron Man, will be more highly praised.

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes

One user calls the movie “one of the most clever and satisfying sci-fi concepts on a tiny budget I’ve ever seen” and says the film “has to get its due at some point!”

One Cut of the Dead

The film, which includes a breathtaking 37-minute long take, is a delightful meta-comedy about moviemaking and the lengths people go to to get things right. 


Based on the novel of the same name by Jeff VanderMeer, Annihilation did well enough with critics upon release, but many users lament that so few people seem to have seen it.

Hulk (2003)

A distinctly non-MCU superhero movie that one movie lover is sure will receive the proper attention and praise one day, Ang Lee’s Hulk is one of the most idiosyncratic movies ever made.

Only God Forgives

Several respondents agree that the film about a drug dealer coming into conflict with a mysterious policeman, often criticized for offering “style over substance,” will be appreciated in due time.

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