Got Doge? Top Five Cryptocurrencies Americans Love To Sell

A recent study used Google Trends data to determine which crypto coins had the most online searches for potential cryptocurrency investors. Significant market fluctuations and general economic concerns have created more of a seller’s market in the United States.

The study, conducted by an expert panel at, generated a list of the top five cryptocurrencies American investors are most likely to put on the market.

Here are the top five cryptocurrencies most likely to be found on the “for sale” side of the marketplace today:


In 2022, the value of Bitcoin fell below $16,000, triggering concerns among investors about a long-term devaluation of the leading form of cryptocurrency.

Some Bitcoin owners may sell off their stash in 2023 to cut their losses. Others may sell to re-invest in other cryptocurrencies or more mainstream financial opportunities, such as precious metals.

Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency for American investors to sell. Overall, Ethereum is considered one of the safest forms of crypto in the long term, with a 20% share of the global market.


Placing third on the shortlist is XRP, but not for the best reasons. The value of XRP is expected to be $0.198 by the end of 2023. Ongoing legal issues with the SEC have also soured many experienced crypto investors on XRP’s future.


Dogecoin actually experienced 15,000% growth in 2021. However, it remains a question mark in terms of long-term market survival.


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