Cryptocurrency Investing: Everything You Need To Know

It might feel like you’ve missed the boat if you’re still not investing in cryptocurrency in 2022. 

At the start of 2021, many people were questioning whether the crypto market would crash; instead, we’ve had all kinds of surprises, from the first bitcoin ETF to the dogecoin spike (and then the shiba inu spike) to bitcoin being made legal tender. 

The words “cryptocurrencies” and “blockchain” tend to come together, and that’s because cryptocurrency protocols are built on the blockchain. 

A blockchain is effectively a database that stores all data related to transactions in a chain of blocks. 

It might sound easy enough to buy a cryptocurrency, but it involves four steps that are all rather complex in their own right.

To buy a fund, you go to a broker or trading app. Similarly, you need to head to an exchange to buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.