Can You Really Afford Those Black Friday Deals?

If you are spending money that you don’t have, then you cannot afford the item. This is true for credit cards as well. If there is no money in the bank to immediately pay it off, you cannot afford it even if you are getting cash back, points, or rewards.

Black Friday can be a day to get some good stuff you need, but it can also be a day where you blow money on impulse shopping because things are on sale.

How do you make the best of Black Friday?

7  Black Friday Shopping Tips

The best tip I can offer for Black Friday, which may be an obvious one, is to plan what you are shopping for. 

Brian from Debt Discipline

Plan what you want to get before seeing the “deals.” Ensure what you’re buying actually is a deal and isn’t simply discounted after raising the price the week before.

JoeHx from JoeHx Blog