Cute Anime Boys Who Will Make You Melt 



Hinata Shoyo

Hinata is basically a goofball who acts like a child most of the time. He is hyperactive, optimistic, and cheerful, making him so loved by the fans. His appearances are always welcomed and I do not think fans will ever get tired of his antics

Midoriya Izuku 

Midoriya has the same case with some other characters and I will not repeat it. But I would like to say that I did in fact talk about Midoriya's cuteness in this article (please do not get tired of this lol. I love plugs). 



Killua Zoldyck

Killua has a tendency not showing his true FRIENDSHIP feeling towards Gon because it is embarrassing for him, while Gon openly talks about it. He often blushed because of it, and it is cute. 


Kamado Tanjiro

It is easy to see why fangirls think of him as a cute male character. Starting from his design as a whole, and his demeanor when facing different stuff, it was all personally crafted by the mangaka for making a pure, harmless main character. 


Hanako's face is more than enough to be a main reason why he deserved to be on the list. And not only looks, Hanako's bright personality has melted a lot of fans' hearts.



Kuroko Tetsuya

I think Kuroko's main aspect that made fangirls fall in love with him is most definitely his softness. His voice is soft, he does not have a big tall body unlike most other characters, and he does not act hostile towards almost anyone



He is not that innocent, but he is not indecent either. He is still a young boy who needs to understand what it means to be a Shinki. 

Sohma Kyo

Kyo might be a bit dense and sometimes act rough towards females. Despite his behavior, female fans still love him and think of him as a cute character (once a simp always be a simp). 



Karma is incredibly popular among the fangirls. While he looks handsome and masculine, believe it or not it is not the only thing that most fans like about him. 

Akabane Karma