The Danger of Artificial Intelligence May Be Nuclear War, Experts Say

In new research titled, “What Do NLP Researchers Believe? Results of the NLP Community Metasurvey,” around 36% of the respondents said they believe AI could cause these types of catastrophes.

Because of the positive results, many companies have adopted AI systems.

Despite this, there are some experts that believe that decisions made by machine learning systems have the potential to do more harm than good in the world.

Comparable to Nuclear War

The researchers who conducted the study said, “It is plausible that decisions made by AI or machine learning systems could cause a catastrophe this century that is at least as bad as an all-out nuclear war.”

A Google DeepMind expert has clarified in the past that artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies might not have this capacity. The researcher added that it is not likely, but it could still be possible.

Is It Really Plausible?

The Evolution of AI

AI has certainly advanced throughout the years. It can fold proteins, generate art, and even talk to a dead loved one. But many wonder if it has gone too far.

According to research published in the Journal for Artificial Intelligence Research, developing super-intelligent AI could lead to uncontrollable repercussions. The system would have the capabilities to take over different programs it is assigned to.

Uncontrollable Repercussions

Superintelligence has real potential to be a massive threat to humans in the future. Any systems with blockers or limitations could be overwritten or surpassed, making it an unstoppable force.

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