Beware: These 15 Animals Are More Menacing Than You’d Think

What comes to mind when you think of dangerous animals? We've all seen the not-so-smart tourist walking up to buffalo at Yellowstone National Park on the news (which is a big no no). 

And, while these animals can pose a potential threat (in the right situation), many other creatures are more dangerous than people realize. From seemingly harmless cows to tiny ticks, here are 15 critters that can be surprisingly dangerous in the “wrong place at the wrong time” kind of moments. 


They may seem docile and slow-moving, but cows can become aggressive if they feel threatened when they have calves. They can charge, kick, or trample humans, causing severe injuries or death. 


Many people have reported incidents of rats biting humans, and their sharp teeth can transmit diseases like rat-bite fever, which can be dangerous. 


A commenter wrote that they have powerful jaws and teeth and can easily overturn boats or attack humans who come too close. 


They can also display aggressive behavior towards other chimpanzees if they feel threatened or there is competition for food or mates. 


Cats are natural predators and can bite or scratch humans when threatened or provoked. Moreover, outdoor cats can transmit diseases to humans through scratches or bites. 


Mosquitoes may be tiny, but they cause more human deaths than any other animal on Earth, a bunch of people confirmed that. 

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