Review: Daniel José Older’s ‘Midnight Horizon’ is a Thrilling Story of Friendship, Love, and Intrigue

Set just before, and concurrently, with the heartbreak of Claudia Gray’s Star Wars: Fallen Star, Daniel José Older’s young adult novel Midnight Horizon takes a different approach to The High Republic era, marching to the beat of its own drum with a delightful cast of characters, thrilling pace, and some truly brilliant storytelling. 

If you have been reading Older’s film-noir tinged Trail of Shadows series, then you will be right at home with the mystery plot at play in Midnight Horizon, as its main characters set off for an adventure on the grungy industrial planet of Corellia, and conveniently bypass the tragedy on the Starlight Beacon. 

Ram Jomaram (who first appeared in Older’s Race to Crashpoint Tower) and Reath Silas (who was introduced in Into the Dark) are sent to investigate a Nihil-related situation in Coronet City, where they team up with Alys “Crash” Ongwa (from The High Republic Annual). 

Crash is such a fun character and a natural fit for the chaos that is Ram and Reath—she balances out their too-sweet, somewhat guileless personalities. 

Older does well with giving us enough backstory about Crash and her work with the Supreme Coronet City Diplomat Protection Agency, without overshadowing that this is—for better or for worse—a story about the Jedi. 

As much as she may be a secondary character, supporting the driving force of the Jedi vs. Nihil storyline, she feels like a fully fleshed-out character that’s suited for her own spin-off series about her exploits on Corellia. It helps that she’s loosely inspired by Doctor Aphra author Alyssa Wong.