How Dave Ramsey Made Millions Selling The American Dream

When Dave Ramsey was 26, he had amassed over $4 million in the real estate market. Shortly after that, he was filing bankruptcy.

Today he is a successful businessman, author, and financial advisor. His company Lampo Group Inc. offers financial counseling to those struggling with debt.

Today at 61, Dave Ramsey's estimated net worth is over $200 million. Most of his wealth is in his $150 million in real estate holdings.

What is Dave Ramsey's Net Worth?

Dave Ramsey has multiple streams of income that allows for financial security. Here is a breakdown of his various income sources.

How Did Dave Ramsey Make His Money?

Ramsey Solutions, derived from his counseling services in 2014, is currently worth over $100 million and is located in Franklin, Tennessee. They provide various counseling services for adults, schools, and businesses.

Business Ventures

Dave makes serious money from his relationships with real estate agents and financial advisors. He created SmartVestor Pro for investment professionals and the ELP Agent program for real estate agents.

Referral Fees

Dave Ramsey has a real estate portfolio worth $150 million, which includes his $4.5 million primary residence. He reportedly owns real estate properties throughout the United States.

Real Estate

In addition to real estate, He is a successful radio show host. He was part of The Money Game in 1992 and started spreading his Christian-based financial advice on the air. Eventually, The Money Game was transformed into The Dave Ramsey Show.

Radio Show

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