How To Deal With Relationship Break – 10 Rules That Work

Can a relationship even survive a break? After spending weeks and even months away from each other, one could start having serious doubts. But taking a break isn't the same as pumping the brakes.

And what you do during the hiatus can help when you begin wondering how to reconnect after a break.

These rules are surefire ways to keep your relationship on the right track, even during a break. 

Don't Panic

Stay calm and know that you're doing it for the good of the relationship. If it helps, talk to a few friends about it, but never a mutual friend you share with your partner.  

If you're considering taking the “love pause,” it probably means you're unsure where your heart is and need time to figure it out. So, you might want to cut off communication with your partner during a relationship break. 

No Speaking Rule

Set Each Other Free

Pick up new hobbies to help you and refocus your energy on yourself. Remember what led to that point and know that the break is for the ultimate well-being of the relationship and your individual selves. 

Know what you're going in for and what you hope to achieve by the end. If your partner is the one who suggests the break, ask why and discuss it.

Have Solid Intentions

The answer to the question, “How long should a relationship break be?” is up to you and your partner. Both partners need to discuss setting a time frame for how long the break should be. 

Set a Timeframe

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