7 Decluttering Mantras To Help Let That Clutter Go

Decluttering is a struggle for many. However, some helpful decluttering quotes may encourage you to let the clutter go.  

Here are other interesting decluttering principles, according to others, that you may find helpful when it gets tough to let go of stuff. 

If I Didn’t Already Own It, Would I Buy It Today?

Just because something has been in your house for some time does not mean you would choose to buy it if you had the option. Therefore, you can let that clutter go. 

Always Put It Away

Items in the home should have a proper place to help you stay organized. Now, if an item doesn't have a designated spot, do you want to constantly move it around to tidy it up? Highly unlikely! This relates to the One Touch Rule. 

Need, Want, or Guilt

People hold on to items because they think they need them, want them, or feel guilty or bad about throwing them away. It surely helps to reevaluate your reasons for keeping stuff. 

If This Was Covered in Dust, Would I Clean It?

Who would want to clean something unnecessary over and over? The correct response is that you wouldn't. 

Appreciate Without Ownership

One cleaner settles for admiring rather than acquiring to stop clutter. They are content with admiring what they feel tempted to buy or keep. 

Everything Is Just Pre-Garbage

This principle speaks to me personally because it is based on a principle I've always held dear: the meanings we give to, or place on things determine their worth and value. 

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