7 Decluttering Mantras To Live By To Let That Clutter Go

The best-known method for decluttering is the 20/20 Rule. The 20/20 Rule states that if an item costs less than $20 and takes less than 20 minutes to replace, you can get rid of it.

Still, one Redditor wanted to know if there were more helpful quotes or principles to guide one's decision to let go of clutter that should really be gone. And the answer is yes.

Here are other interesting decluttering principles, according to Redittors, that you may find helpful when it gets tough to let go of stuff.

If I Didn’t Already Own It, Would I Buy It Today?

Pretend, using one Redditor's decision-making method, that you could purchase the item if it were sitting on a shelf in a thrift shop. Would you do so? This should make the answer extremely clear.

Always Put It Away

Items in the home should have a proper place to help you stay organized. Now, if an item doesn't have a designated spot, do you want to move it around to tidy it up constantly? Highly unlikely! This relates to the One Touch Rule.

People hold on to items because they think they need them, want them, or just feel guilty or bad throwing them away. It surely helps to reevaluate your reasons for keeping stuff.

Need, Want, or Guilt

For example, when decluttering (and buying), one Redditor who lives in a country with a lot of dust asks themselves, “Do I want to dust this?” If the answer is no, it is on the declutter and do-not-buy list.

If This Was Covered in Dust Would I Clean It?

One Redditor settles for admiring rather than acquiring to stop clutter in its tracks. They are content with simply admiring what they feel tempted to buy or keep.

Appreciate Without Ownership

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