22 Ideas to Spark Meaningful Conversations

These ideas are meant to help bypass superficial conversations and get people to open up about their real opinions and thoughts.

These conversation starters include a combination of questions to ask others and information to share about yourself. Often, opening up first gets others to as well.

1. Introduce yourself, state where you are from, or why you're there 2. If someone makes an introduction, discuss how you all are connected

3. Ask about where someone is from, where they grew up or went to school 4. Ask about your latest travels or upcoming travel plans

5. Share a new experience you had 6. Discuss items on your bucket list you hope to cross off

7. Tell a (tasteful) joke related to the situation you're in 8. Talk about impactful movies 9. Discuss your favorite documentaries

10. Comment on the meal you're having 11. Share restaurant recommendations and unique establishments to try

12. Ask about professional background and experience 13. Bring up an opinion you have on current events 14. Talk about the financial markets, news, trends, and investing strategies

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