12 Terrible Disadvantages of Being a Woman, Ranked

I was recently scrolling the internet's front page when I stumbled upon this question, “What are the disadvantages of being a woman?” Here are the top-voted responses.

Insisting Upon Children

Being told your life won't be fulfilling until/unless you have children. Being told it's a woman's purpose to have kids and not to want kids is weird or makes you a bad person.

Labeled as Worse Friends

“I feel like us girls are automatically seen as worse people and worse friends,” one shared. “Why? Because of the teen drama shows that constantly show women as dramatic, back-stabbing, and two-faced. It goes as far as some people avoiding being friends with women and trusting women.”

Being Left When Sick

Another user summarized a recent study, “A woman is six times more likely to be separated or divorced soon after a diagnosis of cancer or multiple sclerosis than if a man in the relationship is the patient."

"A study examined the role gender played in so-called partner abandonment. The study also found that the longer the marriage, the more likely it would remain intact.”

Being Responsible for Men's Sexual Impurities

One person said, “In the U.S., this is often used, usually in combination with stuff like ‘This will ruin his future‘ or ‘He was drunk/he couldn't control himself.' And sometimes even ‘She enjoyed it/didn't fight back enough to make it believable she didn't want to.”

One woman exclaimed, “Yes! This X ten! I am the only full-time female employee at my job, and I could have a great idea, but it is only worth something if a male coworker brings it up.”

Not Being Taken Seriously

Being Sexualized and Catcalled

“Another woman said, “Just walking around in the neighborhood wearing regular clothes and being sexualized, catcalled, and harassed. We always have to be alert going anywhere.” “Being catcalled by grown men. I'm 14,” another said.

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