The 10 Most Disappointing Netflix Original Series

Over the past few years, we’ve given you our picks for the best original TV series on Netflix. 

While the streaming giant has had many successes and best shows, they’ve also had plenty of failures. 

Coming up, I will countdown our picks for the Top 10 most disappointing Netflix original TV shows to ever appear on the streaming service. 

Friends From College

Surprisingly, Netflix renewed Friends From College for a second season, which was released in January of 2019; after coming to their senses, Netflix canceled the series in February of 2019. 


Quite simply, what made the show a failure in not a long time is that the lead character is not likable or interesting in any way imaginable. Netflix canceled Girl Boss after just one season. 


Here's the bottom line: the show features dark satire with over-the-top performances and humor that will offend sensitive viewers. If you are easily offended skip it. Otherwise, it just might be a show that you will enjoy.